This is a living document that has and will change over time.  While our core values and philosophies remain, edits are made to reflect our growing organization.


The First Principle Thinker



It is easy for a company to list values; it’s harder to live by them.  Sadly, there are companies that will state wonderful values but in reality, the management lives in a state of delusion.  We strive to create a rewarding experience and to do so, truth and transparency are paramount.  We share our knowledge not only internally, but also with the industry.


A Sense of Responsibility

There are people in companies that would walk by trash on the floor, and there are others that will stop, and pick it up.  We look for those who are the latter as we are all in this together.  While the trash example may be a bit extreme, it is a metaphor for those who take the approach “it’s not my job.”  Each person brings an important role to the table and together we are able to exceed our client’s expectations.  Working together is a key component to our success and we look for those who are ready to roll up their sleeves and aid their fellow teammate when available.

We want all to grow and be challenged to see and create what is possible.  To do so, a complete understanding is needed.